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Helpfull Search Tips

Basic search tips 1.


Please search any short English / Chinese keyword or product number/code/version from eBuy7 web search bar that you will get thousands of commodity results, All products come from automatic integration, Then found your target product place an order direct at eBuy7 website.

If not enough result:

Please search again using different words or change between Plurals and singular. For example, using "girl clothing" will generate 735 results while girl clothes 66,506 and if you use boot to search, you would get 14,571 results while boots 82,874. 

Check your spelling. Ensure that you are using the correct spelling for the product you are seeking for. If there is more than one spelling for a word, try them all.
Try not to use "and", "or", "not", "-", "/"and "the", as these words influence the result.


Basic search tips 2.


1. Find your preferred products on or by keyword.

2. Copy the product name from your search results

3. Use the copied product name to search in our website search bar and locate.

4. Check Product Details. Check out details such as Price, Size, Colors, Quantity Range and Delivery Time. To order the product, choose your preferred color, size and enter the quantity you want and click "Buy Now" to make payment or "Add to Cart" to continue selecting other products.

5. eBuy7 supported and ships to over 200 countries around the world.